ir77 Full Movie – 10 Year Anniversary Re-release

Words: Lukas Huffman

ir77 Movie 10 Year Anniversary Release

2006 – 2016. It's been ten years since the release of ir77, the book and movie. In celebration of this anniversary the creators of ir77, myself (Lukas Huffman) and Jake Price, digitally remastered the film and all 22 of the original DVD extras. Today marks the first time ever that the film has been made available online.


ir77 began as a print project with the idea of making a coffee table book that uses images and graphic design to celebrate the untraditional lifestyle of a professional snowboarder. Somewhere along the two year production widow of creating the book, I was introduced to the idea of making a movie that would accompany the printed matter. The movie would do what a book can never do; express the sounds, speed, and rhythms of snowboarding. This was the perfect punctuation to a project that was already breaking the trend of snowboard media only serving to showcase trick after trick after trick. ir77 took a big risk in our effort to document something more nuanced about the experience of being a snowboarder. Our intention was to give a voice to the emotional spectrum that all core snowboarders experience. This spans from pure excitement, to devastating pains, and results in the adrenaline rush no other life experience can duplicate.


We filmed the movie through the winter of 2015 and 2016. Our crew of career and physical risk takers traveled around the world documenting all aspects of our days (and nights) snowboarding. Then, in the summer of 2016, under the mentorship of Jess Gibson and some vague direction from myself, Jake Price edited what you are about to see. The results are raw by today's standards of digital video production, but I am proud to say, we captured some part of the spirit of snowboarding that is rarely seen in modern projects.I can't stress enough that the film is only one part of ir77. To get the full experience please enjoy the pages of the book.

The book is available for sale now at:

The remastered film and ALL 22 DVD extras will be available on December 15th at:

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