DVD Extra #2: Cocktales – ir77 10 Year Anniversary Release

Words: Lukas Huffman

2006 – 2016. It's been ten years since the release of ir77, the book and movie. In celebration of this anniversary the creators of ir77, myself (Lukas Huffman) and Jake Price, digitally remastered the film and all 22 of the original DVD extras. Transworld will be releasing exclusive DVD extras until the premier of the full-length remastered ir77 movie on December 12th, 2016.

Today's DVD extra is "Cocktales," which is not a misspelling, rather a mash up of "cocktails" and "cock tales." It was shot while we were posted up at Whispers Creek, deep in the Canadian backcountry. We had been there for what seemed like weeks, riding deep powder, but not getting any of sunny days we needed for filming.  It features some unique backcountry survival tactics from Canadian legends Andrew Hardingham and Jonas Guinn, with commentary from ir77 staples Jon Cartwright and Dave Short. I love this DVD extra because it captures the total insanity that can settle in after being sequestered in the woods for weeks at a time waiting for good filming conditions. They don't make snowboarders with this much color anymore.


The book is available for sale now at: www.ir77movie.com

The ir77 movie is premiering on TWS on December 12th, 2016.

The remastered film and ALL 22 DVD extras will be available on December 15th at: www.ir77movie.com

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