Words: Lukas Huffman

2006 – 2016. It's been ten years since the release of ir77, the book and movie. In celebration of this anniversary the creators of ir77, myself (Lukas Huffman) and Jake Price, digitally remastered the film and all 22 of the original DVD extras. Transworld will be releasing exclusive DVD extras until the premier of the full-length remastered ir77 movie on December 12th, 2016.


Today's gem is one of the best DVD extras that Jake edited. It's "The 9min Ladder Challenge" featuring Andrew Crawford doing what he does best; using his bare hands to make something great out of nothing. Andrew was a huge part of ir77 actually getting made. I had the great pleasure of being on the Nitro Snowboards team with Andrew for the last few years of my career. Andrew and I traveled around the world together and instantly connected as relatively nerdy guys in the snowboard world. He was one of the initial people to believe in ir77 which gave me the confidence to go forward with the film. And, he was the first rider to come aboard to a risky and boundary pushing project. Andrew's good humor, positivity, and excitement for adventure helped keep the project afloat as we traveled from the backwoods of Canada to Romania to Germany and back to his home mountain of White Fish, Montana.
While we were in Germany Andrew spotted a castle wall that he wanted to bomb drop off. Yes, a castle wall. The big question was how to get up on the castle wall. Andrew's answer was to make a ladder. This DVD extra is the ultimate example of his approach to life.

The book is available for sale now at: www.ir77movie.com

The ir77 movie is premiering on TWS on December 12th, 2016.

The remastered film and ALL 22 DVD extras will be available on December 15th at: www.ir77movie.com

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