The Grab:
Rear hand reaches through the legs from behind, and grabs the toe edge.

The Tweak:
Although this ancient grab never went mainstream, when brought back with a frontside shifty like Tim Eddy does them, Canadian Bacon grabs can look, and feel, really cool.

Performed By: Tim Eddy.

The History:
Invented in 1988/89, snowboard legend Jason Ford recalls that, “Brushie started doing this one first.” Brushie isn’t too sure though. “I don’t think I started the Canadian Bacon,” he says. “[But] I could have while just screwing around. Most of these grabs happened in the summer time on trampolines. I didn’t really care for grabs between the legs in general. It was really just a quick phase for me while trying to think of new tricks. Since your feet didn’t come off the board, and we weren’t spinning like crazy, different grabs were the only thing to really come up with. I didn’t do these grabs for very long. I really tried to stay true to skating on the snow, and to me this was the wrong direction.”