How To Snowboard: Frontside Noseblunt With Jake Olson-Elm

How To Snowboard: Frontside Noseblunts With Jake Olson-Elm

Want to learn how to do a cool skateboard based trick and impress all  your friends?  Well Jake OE is here to show you.  So pay attention and take notes!

Jake OE unearths a skate classic for this Keystone propane tank. Blunts can be done on just about anything out there, with endless in-and-out variations once you get them dialed.

Approach: As you're coming in all hawt, shift pressure to your toe edge, with your weight over your back foot.

Takeoff: Take off from your toes, starting one to two feet to the left of the feature (right, if goofy). Kick out your back leg while shifting your weight to the front foot, catching the blunt over your nose.

Maneuver: When you're locked in over your front foot, continue to keep your shoulders parallel with the feature while looking toward the end.

Landing: By keeping your shoulders in line with the rail, you'll be able to pop right back to regular once the slide is over. Ride away clean, and go do "some hood rat shit with your friends!"

Remember: The noseblunt is a lower-body maneuver. Your upper body stays in line the entire time.

Trick To The Trick: The trick to a proper noseblunt is learning the twist: keeping your hips and knees completely perpendicular to the feature, while your shoulder and upper body hold parallel.

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