The Grab:
Rear hand grabs the tail of the board.

The Tweak:
The front leg is boned, poking the nose frontside, straight ahead, or backside. Johnny O’Connor is doing a very unconventional tweak, poking the nose down and back, pulling his tail in front of him. The tweak is your opportunity to give these stock grabs your own twist.

Performed By: Johnny O’Connor

The History:
A very common straight air grab during snowboarding’s early years, Jeff Brushie recalls when the tail grab made its way to the halfpipe. "We were at June Mountain for a contest, very early ’90s,” he says. “Andy Hetzel and I were just practicing in the pipe, and we were like, ‘What about tail grabs!’ Next run we were doing big ol’ frontside tail grabs and fakie tail grabs in the pipe. We were pretty pumped because it was something from skateboarding that no one was doing in the pipe yet."