The Grab:
Rear hand reaches through legs, wraps around the back of the front leg and then grabs the toe edge in front of the front foot. Front hand can be used to grab the nose, making the spaghetti grab “easier” to get ahold of.

The Tweak:
Typically the front knee is bent, and the back leg is boned straight. This is pretty much a necessity, in order to make it physically possible to get the grab.

Performed By: Ralph Kucharek.

The History:
The exact origin of this ridiculous grab is debatable, yet many recall Jeff Davis, who invented the Crippler (an inverted frontside 540 on the frontside wall of a halfpipe), making this grab look surprisingly good during snowboarding’s formative years. Due to the insane flexibility required to make this grab, the spaghetti has never, and most likely will never, catch on in any mainstream fashion.