The Grab:
Front hand grabs toe edge between the feet, as close as possible to the back binding.

The Tweak:
Front leg boned completely straight, back knee is bent. In fact, a sad is as much (or more) a reference to the way this trick is tweaked, than to where it is grabbed.

Performed By: Johnny Brady.

The History:
Skateboarder Neil Blender took a photo of Lance Mountain handplanting at Sadlands in Anaheim, California. Lance was fully extending his front leg in the photo, and they named the trick a "sad plant", since it was at Sadlands. As with many grabs, early snowboarders brought this poked-out trick to the mountains, mimicking what they did (or wished they could do) on their skateboard. Rarely witnessed as a straight air, the sad is most often seen inserted into backside rotations, where riders like Johnny Brady put a stylish twist on stock spins.