The Grab:
Nothing actually needs to be grabbed for this trick (Although any grab is fair game). For it to qualify as a true rewind, the board should be brought back a full 180 degrees, otherwise it's really just a big shifty.

The Tweak:
This one is less about the tweak and all about the stall. Be sure to counter rotate your upper body so that you have some leverage to actually rewind the 180.

Performed By: Harrison Gordon

The History:
The rewind is credited to Dave Lee, as seen in Standard Film's TB3. Once thought to be physically impossible, Dave unlocked another level with his flexible torso and forward thinking. Other rider's have riffed on Dave's lead, incorporating over-shifties and other bring-back variations into all sorts of tricks. Video standouts include Bryan Iguchi in The Garden, Benedek in Lame, Halldor at Superpark 20, and Kevin Backstrom's ridiculous backside 360 melon to frontside 180 rewind from In Motion. Competitively, Marcus Kleveland has led the charge, bringing late rewind variations to events such as Air & Style.