The Grab:
Front hand grabs toe edge between the bindings and both legs are extended.

The Tweak:
Fully lock both knees, legs stiff, straight out. The more parallel you get your legs to the ground the better.

Performed By: Freddy Perry

The History:
More in reference to the tweak than the grab, the brilliantly named stiffy comes from the stiff-legged, locked knee position of the rider. Benefiting from an innuendo all dirty minds can appreciate, the stiffy walks a fine line between a legitimate trick, and a joke (often leaning more towards the latter). Skateboarders pioneered the tweak (and name), with early vert skater Jeff Phillips having a particularly memorable frontside stiffy. The snow stiffy came onto the scene in the late 80's, was popular through the early 90's "new school" movement before fading from favor in the late 90's. Countless variations have been explored from Kurt Heine's over-extended roast beef stiffies to Jimi Scott's yoga-worthy nuclear stiffies. The true potential of the stiffy has been dormant for years, and is very much due for a mainstream comeback.