The Grab:
Front hand grabs heel edge either between the bindings, or in front of the front binding.

The Tweak:
The front leg is bent, and the rear leg is extended while cranking the grab across the body. Some masters of this grab appear to be almost inverted at the apex of the tweak.

Performed  By: Ben Ferguson.

The History:
The undisputed king of grabs was invented by creative skateboarder pioneer Neil Blender during a high air contest on a vert ramp in 1985. The contest rules stated that the height of the air was to be measured from the coping to the skaters feet. Blender named the trick when describing how bending your knees during a backside air to raise your feet was “the best method” for winning this event. With this, the method grab was born. Christian Hosoi took the skateboard method to new heights, and snowboarders later adapted it to the mountain.

Terry Kidwell’s iconic methods on the Tahoe City quarterpipe drafted the blueprints for snowboarding’s early methods, and Chris Roach’s Grasser Methods (named after his Grass Valley, California origin) heavily influenced generations of riders. The method is a unique grab in that riders can choose to grab in front of, or behind the back binding. This choice has created a dividing line amongst a passionate group who refer to the between the bindings location as a proper Northwest method, and the only right way to do it. Oddly enough, Northwest legend Jamie Lynn, who is considered by many to have the most iconic method of all time, has always grabbed his methods just in front of his front binding. He points this out in the December, 2013 issue of Snowboarder Magazine, saying that he “always grabbed a little bit forward on the nose because that’s how I started doing backside airs skating a vert ramp.”