The Grab:
Rear hand grabs the toe edge between the bindings, while traveling straight or spinning frontside. Front leg is boned to poke out the nose.

The Tweak:
The nose can be poked-out several different directions, boning the front leg frontside, straight ahead, or backside, as seen here.

Performed  By: Alex Lopez.

The History:
This is the grab that started them all. Tony Alva is widely credited with launching the first true vert air ever done on a skateboard at the infamous Dogbowl in Santa Monica, California in 1977. He went beyond the coping, cracked the sky, and grabbed his frontside rail. Alva reentered the bowl, into a world that he had forever changed, having just opened the door to endless new airborne opportunities. Essentially every grabbed air from that point forward is built upon this foundation, and listening to witnesses give historical accounts of this groundbreaking moment gives you goose bumps. Of course, all history is inherently prone to debate, and many also cite George Orton as the originator or co-originator of the frontside air. Regardless of timing, nobody did them like Alva, and there’s no question that it was Alva who made the frontside air famous.

While nobody can prove which snowboarder caught the first air, nor where they grabbed, it is highly likely that the frontside air was the  first grab ever done on a snowboard. It is the most natural location to reach out and put your hand on a board, and deserves to have its place alongside the method as one of the most classic grabs of all time.

NOTE: This grab has been understandably mislabeled as an Indy by snowboarders since day one. Read here as to why this is technically not an Indy (which was invented a few years after the frontside air).