The Grab:
Both hands grab the tail, with the front hand reaching in front of the body like it would during a seatbelt grab.

The Tweak:
This can be tweaked in a few directions, but most find that poking the nose frontside makes it easiest to pull off this grab.

Performed By: Frank April.

The History:
The double tail grab does not have a rich history. During snowboarding’s formative freestyle years, big spin counts and off-axis rotations were very minimal. Progression mainly came in the form of new ways of grabbing your board and tweaking your body. During this exploratory time with the topsheet, riders grabbed every thinkable combo of hands on deck. When poking out a frontside tail grab, the body’s natural motion is to counter balance itself by twisting at the hips, causing the lead hand to come across the body. The more aggressive the poke, the further the body twists, and at a certain point the front hand naturally has wandered all the way to where the tail is. It only made sense to give that hand something to do, and riders began grabbing tail with both hands. This grab never became a classic mainstay of snowboard grabbing, but is occasionally seen during backside spins, giving them the appearance of switch frontside spins with a rocket grab after that first 180 has been spun.