The Grab:
You can do any grab with one foot unstrapped! This example is a tail grab where the rear hand grabs tail.

The Tweak:
The key to tweaking out a one-footed grab is to maximize the kick out. Don't just leave your unstrapped foot stuck to your traction while grabbing. Instead, let your foot fly, and open up the potential for tweaks that would be impossible to pull off with both feet locked down.

Performed By: Oliver Dixon

The History:
One footed tricks have a long and storied history. Obvious inspiration came from skateboarding, where freedom of the feet enables endless trick progression. On snow, Shaun Palmer was a pivotal pioneer of one-footed airs, and did so with a flair and style that arguably put this trick on the mainstream map. From mind blowing shots in the mags, to competitive unstrapped airs at the 1993 Air and Style and US Open, in many ways Palmer kicked off the kick-out craze. Throughout the years riders like Terje Haakonsen, Sebu Kuhlberg, Danny Kass, Kyle Clancy, Chris Englesman, Travis Parker, Guy Deschenes, Nicolas Müller, Scott Vine, Jesse Burtner, and several more have pushed the limits on one-footed trickery. That said, if history ended today, considering their body of work and technical wizardry, Scott Stevens and Bode Merrill would forever share the crown as co-kings of the one-footer.