House of 1817 : Highway To Hood

The House of 1817 crew set out on the long drive from Minnesota to Mount Hood for the Videograss session at High Cascade. They camped and skated along the way and met up with good friends to do some classic summer glacier boarding. All the dudes in this edit throw down but make sure to watch the ender shots of Cody Beiersdorf. He was out for part of the winter but still has the heater tricks on lock down. Everything he does is so proper.

Riders in order: Joe Sexton | Craig Cameron | Danimals | Spencer Shubert | Jesse Augustinus | Brandon Sakiewicz | Tommy Gesme | Cody Beiersdorf

house of 1817, Cody Beiersdorf

Learn and copy Cody Beiersdorf’s frontside nose blunt.

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