Hot Laps Mammoth 2015 : Episode 1

Mammoth Mountain presents Hot Laps 2015 : Episode 1

The Unbound parks have been firing this season, and Mammoth Mountain kicks off a brand new web series ‘HOT LAPS’ right here featuring¬†all the action that been going down. Episode 1 features the riding of Brandon Davis, Greg Bretz, Jaeger Bailey, Ryan Pluche, Scott Blum, Judd Henke, Brian Pracht, Jeremy Page, Danny Salazar, Anna Gasser, Mitch Richmond, Spencer Whiting, Jeff Harvey, Ron Forth, and Ryan Linnert.

Stay tuned for more Hot Laps edits dropping soon.

Video: Greg Weaver, Kevin Westenbarger, and Peter Morning

Edit: Greg Weaver


Unbound Parks Status Jan/14/2015:



Check the Unbound Website for updates HERE

Jaeger Bailey. PHOTO: Peter Morning

Right now Main Park has a 55′ jump, a 40′ jump, and 14 jib features.

Kinks on kinks in Mainpark. Brandon Davis presses through. PHOTO: Peter Morning

Classic Mammoth Wallride Feature in the Main Park. Brandon Davis back lip. PHOTO: Peter Morning

Down rails in Mainpark. PHOTO: Peter Morning

Kink Rail in Mainpark. PHOTO: Peter Morning