HONYOS: The Teaser

"Snackbreak is a new film crew formed in Whistler, BC, and our first full movie Snackfooty came out fall 2014. Travels around Canada, Australia and Europe have added some fresh faces and talent to the crew, and the footage is now looking more legit than ever before. With extended crew, Snackbreak has been going after the snow in Finland and Canada the entire season, spending countless nights on friend's couches, in families' apartments, freezing RV and packed single rooms trying to make the last dollars count – huge thanks to everyone who mad this crazy journey possible and tolerated our stinky gypsy caravan. Hard work and zero-budget lifestyle are now starting to pay off, as you can enjoy the first tasters of the full menu Snackbreak is cooking together."

Riders: Andy Stewart, Andy James, Devan Peeters, Jesse Denham-Greer, Johan Rosen, Joonas Eloranta, Lucio Doglioni-Majer, Oliver Kimmich, Samu Mikkonen, Tommi Ollikainen & friends

Joonas Eloranta is a fresh Finnish addition to the crew. Earlier this season, he was just filming and riding with Snackbreak as a lone wolf, planning to film separately for his personal full part. The time spent in Finland together with the foreigners forged Joonas to become a solid part of the crew. Following is a quick interview on his views on the project. (Interviewed by Tommi Ollikainen)

Joonas, you are a pretty familiar face in the Finnish scene and you have been around for a good while. You have filmed multiple video parts before but so far only in Finland on your home turf. Did you feel this season was different filming with a bunch of foreigners and being a tour guide to them?

Yeah for sure, it was different. The english language we mostly used to communicate was definitely one of the main differences to previous seasons, as I've never had a chance to travel around with an international crew before. It was cool to see how riders coming from different places had slightly different visions with spots and different trick choices and styles etc. I felt like that enriched my riding, too, being able to watch and get inspired from what they were doing.

Probably the biggest difference after all was that this was the first season I was just a regular passenger on the filming trips, not organising anything or bossing anyone. I left that all for you this time. It was really awesome just to focus on the main thing, which is riding.

What's your favourite moment from this filming season?

After landing my trick on this quad kink I thought my ender was filmed and my part complete. Then, the shot somehow disappeared, who knows where. When we returned to the spot we were like "fuck, the snow is all gone". The next day, against all the laws of nature, we decided to still go for it. We were armed with wheel barrels and ice picks and shovels, and worked for three or four hours, setting the spot up. Then I somehow landed my trick again, and felt pretty damn good taking my shirt off on the run-out, starting get ready for the summer.

All in all it was a super fun season, and there was barely any bad days! So many good memories.

Why do you think Snackbreak exists? Does anyone even watch full snowboarding movies anymore?

Yeah, people still do. Raw productions like Snackbreak are needed because we show real snowboarding – all the fake jet-set life style clips are cut out, focusing on what true snowboarding is to me, and hopefully to many others too.

Then the two swapped roles, and Joonas started to interview Tommi.

After moving back to Finland this season in December, you were basically homeless for at least three months. How was it to produce HONYOS without a home base, while being a tour guide for a couple of Canadians, an Australian and a German?

Well, by then I was kinda used to the gypsy lifestyle after being overseas for such a long while. Before the place where I live now I had my own place in September. It definitely eventually got heavy to constantly crash on my friend's and family's places while touring around and filming snowboarding. Would've been awesome if we had bigger budget available so we could've afforded to pay for more hotels and RV rentals etc. Gypsyliving in the winter kinda sucks, you can't even sleep outside haha.

Still, can't complain – we had such a good time the whole time.

You spent the whole season before this one in Canada, and this one here in Finland. Which of the two is more important to you with snowboarding and Snackbreak?

That's a really tough one, the two are so different. It is a lot better to ride street here in Finland while powder and backcountry are almost non-existent here – at least compared to Canada. If I had to choose between pow and streets, pow would win for sure!

The movie is called HONYOS. What does it mean and has it been clear the whole season?

Haha the name has been far from clear during this whole time. I guess it was some sort of inside expression we – or more like Andy – somehow picked up while living in Jindabyne, Australia. Not gonna go deeper to the meaning either, you can basically use the word to describe anything you want!

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