HONYOS Full Movie

SNACKBREAK presents HONYOS : Full Movie


High definition snowboarding with standard definition filming. This free full snowboarding film is produced with DIY-spirit from the first second all the way to the end. About a year ago we had nothing but a few cameras and a group of dedicated snowboarders. Now, a year later, we at SNACKBREAK are proud to show you HONYOS!

HONYOS is a full length snowboarding movie with riding from:
Joonas Eloranta, Lucio Doglioni-Majer, Jye Kearney, Samu Mikkonen, Johan Rosen, Jesse Denham-Greer, Andy Stewart, Lucas Robinson, Devan Peeters, Juuso Rutanen, Sean Marko, Tommi Ollikainen and Andy James

Shot during the 14-15 season in Europe and North America.
Supported by PPP – Powderpak Parks.


Produced, filmed and edited by Tommi Ollikainen
With special filming help from Andy James, Joonas Eloranta, Lucio Doglioni-Majer & Marcus Skin