Well what do you know, it’s Friday again. That means another recap of the weeks best online snowboard videos from yours truly. There were some good ones this week, there were some bad ones this week, but these, these ones right, and the best ones!

1.  Roxy presents Wilder


Roxy presents Wilder

June Bhongjan is really good at what she does. The past few Roxy projects she’s worked with have been sick, and Wilder is no exception. This video is trippy, it’s fun, and it’s just a damn good snowboard video.


2. YES. Missions: The Solo Mission- Tadashi Fuse

YES. Missions: The Solo Mission- Tadashi Fuse

Tadashi Fuse is a mad man. Just think about it like this… Going out into the backcountry with a group is hard enough. But to go out with just a filmer and a photographer, and go deep into the backcountry all season long, that’s some solid dedication. And it’s not like Tadashi is new on the scene, dude has been in it for a minute. This part is the real deal.


3. Halldor Helgason a day at Hintertux

 Halldor Helgason: A Day at Hintertux

Halldor Helgason is one of my favorite snowboarders. He’s my favorite snowboarder for a few reasons. Reason number one: his total disregard for personal safety. Reason number two: his ripping style. Reason number three:  his total outlook on snowboarding kicks ass.

4. Operetta Episode One: Bungee Crazy

Operetta Episode One: Bungee Crazy

A snowboarding musical. Yeah, you read that right. Operetta rules. There’s a plot, which is normally not cool in snowboard videos. But it’s weird. It works in Operetta. There’s also some sick snowboarding in it too. I’m pretty excited to see where this one goes.

5. Stonp or Die 2 premiere tour

Stonp or Die 2 premiere tour

I can never get enough of the Stonp crews snowboarding. Their snowboarding is like biscuits and gravey, you just always want a little more even after you’re done. They recently did a premiere tour for their new video, Stonp or Die 2, to a bunch of indoor snow domes in Japan, and this is the video from it. Can I come on the next tour?