Holy shit! It snowed this week! While it didn’t snow everywhere, especially not where I am (Southern California) it did snow enough in some places that people were actually able to go snowboarding. People were able to ride at Mt. Rose in Tahoe, and up in the BoneZone in Salt Lake. That right there is a sign that Winter is definitely coming. Another sign that Winter’s almost here are the amount of awesome videos that are flooding my inbox on the daily. While I was sent a ton of videos this week, these are the top ones. Enjoy.

1. Volcom’s #IP3 Am Section

Volcom’s #IP3 Am Section

The Volcom Ams are sick. Richie Conklin, Alex Rodway, Cody Beiersdorf, Gray Thompson, Derrek Lever, Griffin Seibert, and all the other dudes are so good. This right here is a feel good about snowboarding edit.


2. Grindhouse in Avoriaz

Grindhouse in Avoriaz

These English dudes always put out the illest edits. They use cool songs. This one features Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Sparrow Knox, and Matt Higson riding around Avoriaz, France. Pretty hyped to see their new full length movie, Mind Games. You better believe it will be up on TWSNOW.COM once they put it online.

3. Jed Anderson’s Full Part from Nike’s Never Not

Jed Anderson’s Full Part from Nike’s Never Not

Jed Anderson is the best snowboarder. He riders rails better than anyone, and has for a long time, and now it looks like he’s riding jumps better than most. His jump style is unique and refreshing. This part is insane. If you haven’t watched it, you need to. It might just be Jed’s best part ever…

4. Alpha Omega teaser

Alpha Omega teaser

Every time I get videos sent to me from Siberia I trip out. That place just seems so damn cold. These guys, Nikolay Grinev, Stepan Artemiev, Alex Batmanov, Slava Abramov, Iluza Verhoturov, Tolia Ivanov, Sasha Homushku, Nikita Krikunov, Victor Teymurov, Artem Teymurov and friends, make use of the cold and are getting pretty damn good at snowboarding.

5. Burton Presents: STREET

Burton Presents: STREET

Burton Snowboards have been bringing the heat with their new web project this year. Their second installment, Burton presents: STREET is all time. Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Jeremy Jones, and Mark Sollors were definitely on some next level shit last year, and it shows.