Hondo’s Weekly Roundup 9/1-9/7

It’s September baby! Fall time! Is it cold yet where you are? Have you seen any frost? Well don’t worry, you will soon. If you were outside enjoying the last little bit of summer and didn’t catch all the videos that dropped this weekend, I understand. Don’t worry though, I got you covered. Here are my top five favorite web videos of the week, with an extra funny one added in for good measure…

1. CAPITALS: Teaser


These Russian dudes are insane. They travel the world hitting some of the coolest urban features, and they all wear some of the baggiest gear. They’re also down for Brendan Gerard, who is sick as hell, so that’s cool too. I can’t wait to see this full video.

2. Nike’s Never Not Part One teaser

Nike’s Never Not Part One teaser

The Nike movie, Never Not, is going to be ridiculous. Just look at this roster… Nicolas Mueller, Jed Anderson, Halldor Helgason, Gigi Ruef… If you’re not looking forward to this movie something’s wrong.

3.  adidas Snowboarding Welcome Jake Blauvelt

adidas Snowboarding Welcome Jake Blauvelt

This 15 minute documentary on Jake Blauvelt might be one of the cooler things I’ve seen lately. adidas did a really good job showcasing Jake as he was coming up on the East coast, to where he is now. I’m pretty hyped to see how all of these come out.

4. Project LTC: The Full Movie

Project LTC: The Full Movie

Snowboarding’s favorite frat boys, Lick the Cat, are back with their full-length movie, Project LTC. If you’re down for binge drinking, babes, and wicked good boarding, you’re going to like this video.

5. Eero Ettala’s Full Part

Eero Ettala’s Full Part

Eero is so sick. He was one of my favorite snowboarders growing up, and it’s awesome to see that he still gets better and better every year. This part is seriously so awesome. If you haven’t watched it, take the time to do so now!

6. Girl Twerking Catches On Fire

OK so I know this doesn’t have anything do to with snowboarding, but this might be the funniest video I’ve seen in a while. This girl was trying to be all sexy for her boyfriend, but then she got a little too hot…

Eero Ettala. PHOTO: Pasi Salminen.