Hondo’s Weekly Roundup 8/25-8/31

The last week of August is bitter sweet. Next week is September and that means summer is over. But that’s not all that bad, because that means winter is almost here. Soon (if it’s not already where you live) it will be sweatshirt weather, cold nights, and frosty mornings. And those are things that I’m stoked about. This week in snowboard internet land there were a lot of cool videos. If you missed some, fear not, because I saw them all, and now I’m bringing you the weeks top ones. Check it out!

1. The Stonp Crew goes to Mt. Hood.

The Stonp crew is one of my favorite crews in snowboarding. These guys are all about snowboarding and having fun at the same time, and it shows. They all have an amazing style too, which doesn’t hurt in making them one of my favorite snowboarders to watch.

2. Nike’s NeverNot Up Close with Justin Bennee.

Justin Bennee totally kicks ass. His snowboarding’s amazing, and he’s funny as hell. Spend a day with him in this video from Nike Snowboarding.

3. Brage Richenberg’s 2013 Full Part.

This dude is a fu*king animal! He can do double backflips off of knolls of jumps…

4. Sasquatch Sighting

This video by Airblaster makes me want to rip pow through the trees so bad…

5. Swiss Artsy Knife Teaser

Swiss rider Mike aemka" Knobel shreds it all. He also combines two things that I think are cool, snowboarding and art. This teaser looks like it’s going to be sick, and I’m pretty excited what come out of it.