This week was pretty all time. While there wasn’t too much that flooeded the inbox, the stuff that did come in was on point. The name of the game these days is quality over quantity, and that’s exactly what this week was. All the videos this week were damn entertaining.

1. Lauri Heksari’s full part

Lauri Heksari’s full part

This part from Lauri is some damn good snowboarding. This part gets you stoked to go out and go snowboarding. Well at least it did for me. So hopefully it did for you.


2. NeverNot: Sounds of snowboarding

NeverNot: Sounds of snowboarding

Snowboard videos can be misleading. When you watch them the music fits so perfectly, and that’s all you can hear. But that’s not what it’s actually like when you go snowboarding. When you actually go snowboarding you experience a multitude of sounds.  Some of these sounds are pleasant, while some are annoying, but they’re all sounds. And that’s exactly what this edit is.

3.  Meet the Yawgoons: Dylan Gamache

Meet the Yawgoons: Dylan Gamache

Dylan Gamache put Rhode Island on his back with this edit. The Yawgoons are the fu$king truth!

4. Lou Macias at Woodward

Lou Macias at Woodward

I never heard of Lou Macias before, but I’m backing. Dude can ride his snowboard. This edit is cool.

5. Bonus’s summer edit from Windells

Bonus’s summer edit from Windells

Now normally I’d be the last dude to back the flippy / spinney rail riding that you will find in this part. But f*ck it. This one works. YOLO.