It seems like every week the videos coming across my email get better and better. Take this week for instance, for the most part none of the videos sucked. Sure they weren’t all good. But none of them were god awful. The ones that were good though, man they were sick. Here’s the best web videos of the week.

1. Stumped presents Root 9

Stumped presents Root 9

It’s always good to see that East Coast snowboarding is still going strong. I’m from the East Coast, and I’ve had some of my best days snowboarding there. Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, and Parker Szumowski, you guys did us proud.

Bar Dadon.

2. Jordan Michilot's 2013 Full Part

Jordan Michilot's 2013 Full Part

Jordan Michilot is the man. He has a real awesome approach to snowboarding. Pretty much the worst thing anyone can be is boring, and Jordan is definitely not boring.

3. Pat Moore’s IP3 part

Pat Moore’s IP3 part

Can anyone ride it all like Pat Moore? A lot of guys who are “all around” snowboarders are dudes who are pretty good at everything. But Pat, that dude is a true all around snowboarder. He’s at the top of the rail game, and he’s at the top of the backcountry game. This part is proof.

4.  Operetta Episode Two

Operetta Episode Two

I’m going to be honest, these Operetta videos aren’t for everyone. They’re a little long, there’s acting, and soon there could be singing. But I think they rule. The snowboarding’s sick, and I think that choosing to do something totally unique and new is commendable.

5. Under Dawgs D.A.E Teaser

Under Dawgs D.A.E Teaser

The Under Dawgs are out of Salt Lake City and they are the future. These dudes get it. Good spots, good tricks, good music. Be on the lookout for their DVD, because it’ a keeper.

Shane Wright.