People of Earth I have something to tell you… I am so damn happy this week is over. You know how some weeks just totally suck? Well that was this week. I got some heavy bills this week, a speeding ticket, and I’ve been feeling kind of sick. But whatever, that’s the past. What’s right now is the weeks top web videos. So check them out.

1. The Helgasons present DTF

The Helgasons present DTF

Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Gulli Gudmundsson, and Johannes Brenning geniuses. These guys know what the snowboarding masses are looking for, and the deliver it. They deliver it really well. You’ve probably already seen this video, because it looks like everyone has, but who cares. It’s so good. Watch it again, watch it for the first time, just watch it.

2. The Powsurf Chronicles Season Three: Teaser

The Powsurf Chronicles Season Three: Teaser

These guys have it made. All pow, all the time. None of that other bullshit. Good for you powsurf guys. I’m jealous…

3.  Postland Theory presents: Periscoping- Full Movie

Postland Theory presents: Periscoping- Full Movie

This whole movie is sick, but it’s Kas Lemmens part that really does it for me. Dude has some of the craziest style I’ve ever seen. Seriously backing!

4. Shayne Pospisil's 2013 Full Part

Shayne Pospisil's 2013 Full Part

If I were a betting man (which I am. I actually think I’m a gambling addict.) I’d bet that this is one of the top five parts of the year. Shayne Pospisil crushed everything put in front of him last season, but not only that, he did it with amazing style too. Dude can shred like a motherfu#ker.

5. RK1 Season Recap

RK1 Season Recap

As a collective group, RK1 could very well be the best snowboarders in the world. They just make it look so damn easy. These tricks that they’re doing are so damn hard, yet they make it look like they’re not even trying. Ugh, life’s not fair…


Stale Sandbech. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen.