Temporarily relocated, this disobedient snowboard crew has been causing chaos at Copper Mountain all winter long. Reluctantly abandoning their home at the beginning of the season, the Hobo Headwear crew has had the opportunity to explore the wonders of Woodward Coppers' sassy park. Taking a chance and living life like nomads, Chris Sypert, Kyle Hay, Colin Walters, Max Bigley, Chedda, Kit Hendrickson, and Krister Ralles have escaped the shadows of typical park edits with their disruptive style. In the final episode of the three-part Homeward Bound series, these guys show their overall progression from a season in one of the nation’s most progressive terrain parks.

“A home for us has been found even though we always remain Homeward Bound. Copper Mountain reopens April 22-24 for it’s final weekend of the 2015-16 season, don’t miss out!” – Colin Walters

Homeward Bound - Woodward Copper - Part 3 | TWSNOW