Holden F14 Collection

Holden Outerwear Announces F14 Lookbook and New Website

Get excited, Holden Outerwear has dropped their winter 2015 line. The F14 Collection looks as good as any Holden outerwear ever has, and when your looking for quality look no further. Holden is a rider owned and operated brand and it’s always good to support other shredders, so checkout their new website and lookbook at www.holdenouterwear.com.

“We started Holden to create technical outerwear in line with current and timeless fashion.
We design for versatility, allowing you to wear your gear on the most inclement days, but also around town without being labeled as a ski or snowboard jacket.

Why change?”

Mikey LeBlanc, Co-Founder // Brand Manager –

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Holden F14 Collection