Christian Haller’s Pipe session : ‘Memoires Memoires’

Swiss rider Christian Haller, aka Hitsch, is one of the most exciting transition riders to watch. This season he had an idea for a custom  session. Check it.

“After competing and riding mostly halfpipe for the last couple of years I wanted to film some of the moves for an edit. Last spring a resort near my hometown called Corvatsch built a nice halfpipe and I thought this was the right moment for it. As halfpipe riding is nowadays mostly presented through competitions my main reason was to capture it as pure as possible. To me halfpipe riding is based mainly on flow and riding from wall to wall which I tried to showcase in an extended way. To say the least I had a lot of fun filming for this piece and breaking free from the programmed contest runs.” – Hitsch.

Christian-Haller photo Dominic-Zimmermann

Christian Haller PHOTO: Dominic Zimmermann

Who came up with the idea for this pipe shoot?

   The idea came up from myself as I didn't have an online edit or anything like that so far. After riding so much halpipe due to competitions I thought this was the right moment to capture some moves. There has not been released a pipe part in a while. At competitions there's always so much going on, lots of banners, lights and other things around the pipe. This time I wanted to capture transition riding as pure as possible, pretty much just the pipe and me. There are some tricks in there you don't see too often anymore nowadays. Showcasing the actual riding of a trainsition with all the carves and sprays was a big aspect of the video as well.

What was the most fun part about making this video?

Filming this video and realizing something I wanted to do in a long time was the most fun. All these carves and sprays are just the best thing to do in a spring pipe. The people over at True Color Films & Hillton Productions are my best friends so to be involved in the whole process was really important to me. Being able to choose songs, looks and message for the edit was really important to me and I enjoyed helping to finalize this project.

What were the conditions like in the pipe?

   It was the first week the pipe was open when we shot this video. The conditions were the same every day since it was really bluebird all week long. The left wall softened up just as much as you want to have a perfect spring session.

Who built the pipe?

   Jeremy Carpenter made sure that the pipe was in prime condition every day!

Christian-Haller photo Dominic-Zimmermann

Christian Haller PHOTO: Dominic Zimmermann

Where did you do the shoot?

   The shoot was located in the Engadin Valley in a resort called "Corvatsch". It's a 30 min drive from where I grew up so it was really nice to be at home and shoot this video. It was the first time I was able to ride a halfpipe in a homeresort of mine which was a special feeling.

Was anyone else riding with you?

   The pipe was always open to public so who ever was there. Otherwise Stephan Maurer cruising with me, he’s the guy who does the frontflip to fakie.

How many days did it take?

   We shot 5 days in a row pretty much from 8am till the mountain closed. We were really lucky with the weather as the edit looks like it was shot in one session. That was also the goal of it.

Did you slam at all while filming for this video?

   After my huge slam at the Burton US Open in Vail I flew straight back home to shoot this video. I was already sore from that so slamming was not an option. Fortunately nothing happened but I did every trick in the video at least 10 times to get it good from every angle.