High Cascade Snowboard Camp : Session 3 Video Recap 2016

Summer shred camp is fully turned up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and the whose who of the snowboard world showed up to throw down during Session 3. Despite Mother Nature's attempt to put a kibosh on things, the Fifth Annual Rat Race went off without a hitch, and throngs of riders battled it out on banked slalom course. Following this, many pros ripped through the pristine HCSC park and laid waste to the myriad of features. This video recap from Session 3 includes it all from a grip of riders and includes a heavy session from none other than Mike Ravelson. Despite grey skies, Rav got after things in a major way, and has a sick part that's dripping with style. Check it all out in the video above.

Featured Riders: Freddy Perry, Brendon Rego, Luke Patrick, Joey Fava, Jack Harris, Gabe Ferguson, Max Lyons, Max Warbington, Mike Ravelson, Peter Limberg, Shaun Murphy, Pata Fava, Christian Hobush, Jesse Paul, Jed Sky, and many more!

Check out our recap the 5th Annual Rat Race that went down during Session 3.


Ben Ferguson with the rudder up. Photo: Marc O'Malley

There's still time to sign up for camp, but you better pull the trigger soon, only a few spots are left!

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