High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 3 Video Recap 2015

Shred sessions at High Cascade Snowboard Camp have been ultra creative and super fun this entire summer season. The High Cascade Diggers have been working relentlessly to create the best park possible and it includes plenty of features to session from early in the morning to late the evening. Diggers have spent long hours moving snow and adjusting all the features so that campers, coaches, and visiting pros have the best possible park to session in the summer sun. The Session 3 video recap is one of the heaviest to date and was filmed during the week of the Rat Race and features riding from Chris Roach, Mark Goodall, Logan Beaulieu, Max Warbington, Christian Hobush, and more. The overall stoke for snowboarding is off the Richter scale at Hood this season and it’s great to see everyone getting after it.

Photo_Session3_Thumbnail copy

Lenny Mazzoti. Photo: Danny Kern

There’s still time to sign up for sessions this summer, so check out www.highcascade.com for more info. If you can't pull the trigger this year, definitely get your ducks in a row to make it happen as soon as possible. High Cascade Snowboard Camp and snowboarding at Hood is rad on so many levels, and all snowboarders could benefit from a shred trip up on the snowfield. Heck, the Huckleberry Shakes from Huck's and Gator Tators from Charlies are reason in themselves to visit… It's good in Govy and we suggest you get on up there!

Check the video above and see all the awesome.

Head here to see more action from High Cascade Snowboard Camp. 


Kyle Hansen with the one foot poke and ultimate stoke. Photo: Logan Guerry.

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