High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 1 Video

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 1 Video

Session 1 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp is a wrap! Mother Nature provided a dream-like scenario on-hill; warm, sunny, slushy, and full of good times! With Go Skateboarding Day occurring during Session 1 and Signature Session™ Pros Pat Moore, Mike Ravelson, Johnny O'Connor, Mary Rand, and Christy Prior in town, it was definitely a Session 1 that we will never forget! Join the Signature Session™ Pros, HCSC Staff Members, and our AMAZING campers on Mount Hood and in our Private Parks for the next three minutes.

For more information on High Cascade Snowboard Camp, visit us on the web at http://www.highcascade.com, or if you want to talk it out, reach out to us at our home in Oregon at 503.206.8520.

Filmed by Eli Olson, Matt Roberge, RJ McNichols, Devin Bernard, and Mia Lambson.

Additional footage from Jon Stark and Mark Dangler

Super 8 by Jon Stark

Edited by Eli Olson


Mike Ravelson doing the darn thing. Photo: Danny Kern

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