High Cascade Session Six : Video Recap 2014

High Cascade Session Six : Video Recap 2014

High Cascade finishes off the summer snowboard season in the right way. The opening skateboard scene is creative and set to a metal guitar riffs by Aaron Fraher. Next they cool things off with Blake Paul and his easy style over a melancholy song. An intermission follows with some funny antics before the direction turn into a all out dance party with tricks that require a second or even third watch to fully understand their complexity.

Featuring: Max Warbington, Blake Paul, Max Tokunaga, Mike Swearingen, Scott Stevens, Justin Keniston, Scott Blum, Christian Buling, Mike Rav, Gus Warbington, Mike Wainhouse, Nick Dirks, Jay Haygert, Jeffy Gabrick, Benny Milam, Andy Glader, Jake Lucjak, Will Lavigne, Roobs, Pat Bridges, Oliver Dixon, Brett Wilkinson, Alex Lopez, Jack Dawe, Kai Ujejski, Dillon Ojo, Dan “Vinny” Vinzant, Dylan Trewin, Braedon Wheeler, Colton Morgan, Mark Goodall, Miles Fallon, Matteo Soltane, Cole Linzmeyer, Chris Grenier, Spencer Schubert, Aaron Kiser, Ryan Paul, and Kevin Maples.

Edited By: Jon Stark

Filmed By: Colton Morgan, Eli Olson, Matt Roberge, Jon Stark, Derek Combs, Footy Fiend, Mia Lambson, and Jeremy “Big Jerm” Thornburg.

Guitar: Aaron Fraher

High Cascade

Ticks be so easy kids be takin naps these days.

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