Hendo The World’s first REAL hoverboard

Hendo is Introducing the World’s First REAL Hoverboard and Hover Developer Kit.

That’s right, not Hondo – Hendo. Just like from Back To The Future’s Two, kinda, except instead of not working on water this hoverboard doesn’t work anywhere, unless it’s over sheets of metal. That didn’t stop over 2200 people from donating $375,000 to the project’s kickstarted page however and the project is getting a lot of media attention. The interest is probably because unlike the HUVr Board from Funny Or Die which turned out to be a hoax despite elaborate video editing and big name endorsers like Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd, the Hendo Board is actually real. The Hendo board is the first of it’s kind and it works by creating a magnetic force between the board and the surface it’s floating over, generating a roughly one inch gap between the board and the floor. It’s intended to be self propelled but using the magnetic motors to direct the force in certain directions can allow the board to be controlled remotely. To learn more about the Hendo board and checkout their Kickstarter page click here.

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Hendo Hoverboard