Helen Schettini Full Part – Full Moon

For the past two years, Helen Schettini  filmed with Full Moon and has put out a full part that exudes her natural, calculated approach to snowboarding.

“Helen had an uncanny ability to pick out unique and beautiful lines,” said Hana Beaman of Helen. "Our crew could be looking at a face, figuring out our lines and Helen comes outta left field with some line that none of us have even thought of. It’s cool that I never have to worry about Helen riding the line I’m into, because she’s usually thinking on a different level," she continued.

We caught up with Helen on her season and what went into filming her full part. Check it all out below.

Where did you primarily film and ride for your part in Full Moon?

This film was a two year project. The first year we were everywhere but home (Whistler) since it was a pretty rough snow year in the Pacific Northwest. We went to the interior of BC (Revelstoke, Golden, Trout Lake), Europe (Austria, Italy, France), and Haines, Alaska. This last season we were so lucky with snow in Whistler, we primarily stayed there aside from the token Haines, Alaska trip in April. I hope to go back there every April, it's such a gem of a place!

Talk us through your part, what were your goals with filming and riding this year? 
This year was the year of fun and progression. I really wanted to enjoy every moment of this project and not get too caught up in the stresses and anxiety that a film season usually brings. I know what I love doing and what I don't, so I actually listened to myself and paid attention to my thoughts… Funny, hey? I have always had a hard time grasping getting a shovel out and digging man-made features for hours on end when there are so many natural features, waves, and lines all over the mountain. Sometimes it takes a different eye to see these opportunities, but this is what I love about it. So instead of doing what I didn't like, I just did what I wanted. There is a big learning curve to spinning and launching off natural features, so it will take a few years to get a much better feel for it, but I loved doing it this year, and it's only the beginning of a newer way of riding for women. I've looked up to Nicolas Mueller or Jake Blauvelt for doing and pursuing this type of shredding. I think it's time the women get more involved as well.

No question, I've used my board to pat down a feature, but never would I try to build a cheese wedge from nothing, and if anything takes more that a few minutes, I'll just look for something else.

What was the hardest part of filming this way and the best part of filming like this?
The more frustrating part of this type of filming is every single feature is different and needs to be ridden a certain way. With man made features, you can manicure them so they work for you, so the consistency of landing and getting the shot is that much higher.
You'll see a hit a few hundred feet down the slope and think it works great for a FS 360. But in reality, once you're half a second from taking off, you realize the take off is pure rock with a dusting of snow, so you end up eating a lot of shit.  Or maybe there is way more kick (or way less kick) than you imagined, and then you're just doing the flying monkey in the air and hoping there's no rocks in the landing.

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What was it like to work and film with Full Moon?
Honestly, working with these ladies was the most fun and progressive years of my shredding life. They are such amazing people, and we push each other and psych each other up so much. I cant wait for more!

What are your plans for this coming season?
We, the Full Moon-ers, want to keep this good thing going. Leanne Pelosi (producer) has created such a great platform for us and to influence other shredders, females, kids.  It would be crazy to not continue this program. I think we'll be doing some fun trips this year and just keep this ball rolling. I'm not with Billabong anymore, which was one of my main sponsors the last 6 years, so navigating out of that is an exciting thing. I'm not totally sure where I'm going, but it's going to be a great time!

Walk us through a dream day for you snowboarding:
Early season days on Whistler/ Backcomb are the best. You are still frothing over not shredding for 6 months, there aren’t many people on the mountain, and it's deep and stormy. You're with your friends and having a blast. Exhausted by 1 p.m., go home, chill and repeat the next day.

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