Heikki Sorsa Full Part 2013

Cooking With Gas: Heikki Sorsa’s 2013 Full Part

Finland’s Heikki Sorsa is a true legend. From his early SLC Olympic Mohawk fame, to setting the world record for highest quarter pipe air, to years of hammer Mack Dawg video parts, Heikki is the man. Last year he blew out his knee filming for Cooking With Gas season 1, this year he was back at it, here is his 2013 Full Part. Enjoy.

Heikki_Sorsa_Full_Part_snowboarding cooking with gas

Heikki Sorsa. PHOTO: Pasi Salminen

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About Cooking With Gas: Last winter Lauri HeiskariHeikki Sorsa, and Eero Ettala teamed up to film their second season of "Cooking With Gas". They snowboarded around the world working on six bi-weekly edits through the winter, and now it's time for their Full Part edits. Last week we kicked things off with Lauri Heiskari (watch it here), now we have Heikki’s, and tune back next week for Eero Ettala‘s Full Part dropping Sept 3rd. Check out all the Cooking With Gas Episode’s HERE

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