HCSC Highlighter 2016 : Tim Eddy

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Presents: The Highlighter with Tim Eddy

No stranger to party boarding and Palmer snow field loyalist, Signature Session™ Pro Tim Eddy sat down with High Cascade Snowboard Camp and talked about what summer snowboarding is all about in his mind. Get a little insight from Tim’s past campers (hint – now they are Signature Session™ Pros) and HCSC staff members on one of the most important personalities in snowboarding in this episode of The Highlighter.

Wanna ride with Tim? Join him for The Summer Snowboard Party on Mount Hood this summer. For more information visit their website or give them shout on the phone, the information is just below.




Film/Edit: RJ McNichols: rjmcn.com / vimeo.com/rjmcnichols

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