Daaamnnn Danyalle, the new Too Hard movie goes. Street snowboarding’s finest ladies are back with a movie called G.O.A.T., which if you’ve been anywhere on social media or following rap videos or that jazz, you’d know it stands for Greatest Of All Time. This leaves me curious, is this movie going to be the greatest Too Hard video that we ever see? Or will the next one be called e-G.O.A.T? Either way, the leading lady of Too Hard, Danyale Patterson has assembled quite the movie, filmed a banger part and was able to feature all these ladies as well. Corinne Pasela, Maria Hilde, Marjorie Couturier, Laura Rogoski, Veronika Perfilyeva, Dina Treland, Kayli Hendricks, Madison Blackley, Fancy Rutherford, Christine Savage, Maria Thomsen, and Darrah Reid.

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