When Euro carving just isn't cutting it, it’s time to buckle down in hard boots and dig some pencil-thin trenches. In a turn of events, Tucker Andrews and Felix Mobarg were thrown into hard plate bindings to test their skills and extreme carving techniques. Lying down linked armpit-in-the-snow laid-over turns, these boys give a new meaning to the term "full body extension.” Add some slashes in the pipe and a few airs in the park, and these hard boot’n sons a’ guns give you the off-piste edit you've been looking for.

“We grabbed two freestylers, took away their comfy soft boots and playful bindings angles- replacing them with neon plastic race boots and aggressive double positive stances. We drove them up to the hill, threw them on the chairlift and told them to turn on their inner Damian Sanders. Watch Tucker Andrews and Felix Mobarg lay down the law, while unleashing the beast in “HARD BOOT’N SONS A’ GUNS'”- WARP WAVE

Hard Boot'n Sons A' Guns | TWSNOW

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