It’s Canada Day and what better way to celebrate our brothers to the north then to watch the Wildcats movie Nine Lives. If you don’t know about the Wildcats crew let us fill you in. They were a group of rowdy, beer drinking, pants pissing, blackout winning, big booter jumping, heavy handrail hitting Canadians (and a few americans) that turn the snowboard world upside down and forever wrote their way into the history books. And they weren’t just a bunch goof offs who never made it either. Legends like Devun Walsh, BJ Leines, JF Pelchat, Kale Stephens, Chris Dufficy, Tadashi Fuse, and Chris Brown launched their careers with the Wildcats. So sit back grab a handle of whisky, take a sip every time there is a bail, and lets celebrate Canada Day together until no one can stand anymore.