Time’s up – if you want to see Hans’ part, check it on iTunes!

Hans Mindnich might have not won an Oscar two nights ago, but we'd prefer watching him ride frozen water over watching Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water any day. A love story between a guy from Vermont and his snowboard, Mindnich's part in Absinthe’s latest feature-length film has all the trappings of a cult classic, and we will be re-watching it for years to come.

Not taking anything away from the movies that were honored this past weekend at the 90th Acadamy Awards, but Absinthe's TurboDojo features Mikkel Bang, Nicolas Müller, Hans Mindnich, Brandon Cocard, Austen Sweetin, Brendan Gerard, Ben Ferguson, Max Buri, Severin VanDerMeer, Kimmy Fasani and more… so we are thinking there must have been an oversight on the ballot. If you haven't seen the full thing, check back soon for more parts dropping in the coming weeks!

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