Hallucinate Full Movie

Hallucinate Full Movie from The Grindhouse

Strait from the UK, The Grindhouse is back with their third full length film Hallucinate.  After watching this, it’s crazy to think that most of these riders all learned how to snowboard in snow domes or on dry slope.

Since the crew only has artificial snow around them, they had to travel all around the world in search of urban features, in order to film a full movie. They even came over to the U.S. and hung out with the Videograss and 1817 dudes for a few sessions in Minnesota.

From starting in a snowdome, to putting out sick urban parts, we can’t wait to see what The Grindhouse has in store for us in the future.

Featuring: Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Ollie Dutton, Jonny Russell, John Weatherley, Ben Wall, Angus Leith, Jonny Pickup, Sparrow Knox and Gareth Andrews.

Filmed & Edited by Jamie Durham.

Instagram @GrindhouseSnow

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