Grilosodes : Season 4 Premier : Into Africa

Grilosodes are back for their 4th season! In this premier episode, Grilo heads to Africa with Roope Tonteri to do some snowboarding.  Check out how awesome the snowboard park is at Afriski, a resort in Lesotho, Africa.

From Redbull: “After a taste of African adventure last season, Grilo decides to take a closer look at the shred opportunities on offer in Durban and Lesotho.

First stop, "crazy good" Durban, a place that's a "mixture of California and Bali" with tons of surf and skate spots to get busy with. Along for the ride is Grilo's homie and equally talented boardrider Roope Tonteri, who tears up the local skate spots while Grilo catches a few waves.

Then it's back to the day job with a trip to Afriski in neighbouring Lesotho. It's a ski resort like no other, and Grilo and Roope waste no time in ripping up the snowpark, laying down double runs so well synchronized it looks like a new Olympic sport.”

Song: Gramatika “Torture” (Album “Age of Reason")

produced by: Marko Grilc
Filmed by : Andro Kajzer & Mark Pirc
Edited by: Andro Kajzer

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