Golden Garden

The Nitro Russia Crew teamed up with Bonus Gloves to put out this edit of Bonus Sessions 2015 at the Riders Lodge in Russia. The Riders Lodge contains a creatively designed park with lots of space and a plethora of features to hit. On top of that, all of the rails are gold, leading to the proper title of the Golden Garden. The collaboration of riders dig up the park and have a solid shred session in dwindling Russian snow.


Timofey Strukov
Lebedev Aleksey
Aleksey Kasimov
Danil Melnikov
Egor Chebanov
Edmond LA
Pavel Komers
Vlad Makagonov
Egor Mamaev
Aleksandr Moiseev
Artem Smolin
Mikhail Potemkin

Filmed and edited by Krivov Kirill 

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