Jump in the van… the Volcom van. Last season the Volcom fleet roamed around North America, making stops from Alaska to Lake Tahoe, some re-fueling in the Midwest, making time for some rope-tow hi jinx, then escaping into the B.C. abyss at Baldface Lodge. The plan was was no plan, just shred.

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Riders: Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Arthur Longo, Markus Keller, Scott Blum, Mike Ravelson, Scotty James, Marcus Kleveland, Dylan Alito

Principal Cinematography: Seth Huot, Jeremy Pettit

Edited by: Jeremy Pettit

Songs: YETI by Eerie Courtesy of Tee Pee Records

Thank you: Buck Hill, Trollhaugen, Spirit Mountain, Damage Duluth, Squaw Valley, Baldface Lodge, Alaska Snowboard Guides

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