Garrett Warnick's Full Part from Eversince – 48 Hours Only

Time’s up! Worm’s part was only available to watch for 48 hours. You should probably buy a copy of the movie – it’s pretty rad!

When you think about Worm’s abilities, your mind might wander immediately to the streets. Well, you should probably table those thoughts. Garrett Warnick steps up huge this year in the backcountry with moves that would make plenty of riders stop and take notice. With a little Kitty Pryde and Riff Raff on the track, he puts together an all-time mash up of backcountry juxtaposed with his technical ability in the streets, which is still clearly intact. Parts like this are why this may be one of the best Absinthe movies ever.

If you haven't gone out and seen Absinthe's latest release yet at a local premiere or picked up a copy for yourself, you’re missing out.

Garrett Warnick : Full Part From Absinthe's Eversince |

Worm. Photo: Andrew Miller

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