FYVE Snowboards at Woodward Tahoe

As the snow patch lost mass, I-80’s population grew fast. The fourth of July was just around the corner and who would have thought that the Fyve Snowboards team would be shredding under the hot Tahoe sun. The whole point of summer camp is to have fun, and Woodward Tahoe is the perfect place to make this happen. Not only was the team boarding with the campers, they were hosting contests, activities and skating along their sides. Foam pits, ressi-ramps, blobbin’, bmx’in with the boys and given away free Fyve swag to all the campers, no matter what was on the days schedule, having fun and keeping the smiles high was the main priority.

Film/Edit: Danny Kern
Ex. Film: Colin Clarke, Armeen Pirooz, Casey Pletz

Riders: Armeen Pirooz, Fancy Rutherford, Tom Pelly, Colin Clarke, Lou Macias, Nick Geisen, David Gray, Alex Herman, Roman Leckey, Casey Pletz

FYVE Snowboards, Woodward Tahoe,

PHOTO: Danny Kern