Fynn Bullock 2015-16 Full Part

Waking up with nothing but the love of snowboarding in his heart and landing new tricks on his mind, Fynn Bullock isn’t tainted by the political side of the snowboard world.  He rides because he is simply obsessed with snowboarding. At a young age, Fynn is still immune to contracts, agents, lawyers, and the headache that comes when some see you as a marketing tool. Some day he could be a major asset, but for now his intention is purely to capture the moments. At eleven years old, he is putting most snowboarders to shame. His style is clean, he rides for fun but also with purpose, and he’s not scared of anything. Oh yeah, and he’s one hell of a wakeboarder.

“11 Year old Fynn Bullock Throwing it down at Woodward Copper, Breckenridge, And Keystone.” Filmed/Edited by TJ Casey

Fynn Bullock 2015-16 | TWSNOW

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