Fundamentals: Sliding Kinked Rails

After you get comfortable with boxes and flat rails, it’s time to step up to a kinked rail. Kinked rails are better and more fun that straight rails because they’re more technical and challenging.

01. I usually approach a kinked rail from the side. Hop on in a boardslide position. I like to stare at the end of the rail, but with a kink it’s hard, because all you see is the big ol’ kink in the way—so just focus on that kink.

02. Pump the rail almost like you’re pumping the wall in a halfpipe right before you hit the kink. You can’t worry about catching your edges on a kink or you probably will—just push your edges through the kinked section.

3. Once you make it through the kink you’re pretty much good to go as long as you’re lined up to go straight off the second part of the rail section.

04. Stay centered over the board with your knees bent—just keep sliding.

05. Sweet—and remember to learn this one in the park before you try and take it to the streets!