Boxes are a great feature to learn boardslides, front boards, and 270-outs on because they’re super easy to shred. Boxes are nice and wide compared to a handrail, so you don’t need to worry if you’re not perfectly centered on the box. For a boardslide, hop on the box at a 90-degree angle and stay centered over the board, flat-based, until you reach the end of the box--it’s too easy. So instead, I’m going to walk you through one of my favorites, the boardslide to 270 out.

Approaching a box is pretty mellow; you don’t need to hit it from a crazy angle or anything. Just stay calm and loose, and roll up on it.

I like to pop off my toes on the takeoff and land in more of a tailslide, instead of landing totally square in the middle of the box--it makes snapping the 270 out easier.

Now that you’re sliding, stay over the board so it doesn’t spit out in front of you. Hold the position with your knees bent.

As you near the end of the box, begin to rotate your head and shoulders in the frontside direction.

Spring an ollie off your back foot and initiate the frontside spin--use your shoulders to direct the rotation. The front 270 feels just like a frontside three, but it’s easier to land.

If you keep your eyes on the ground and bend your knees with the board pointed straight down the hill, you shouldn’t have a problem with the landing.