Holy pow-a-bunga! Full Moon has just released their sunny Whistler segment, and it's absolutely stacked with backcountry bangers from the crew including, Leanne Pelosi, Robin Van Gyn, Hana Beaman, Helen Schettini, Jamie Anderson, Annie Boulanger, and Marie-France Roy.

Most all of the these ladies are Whistler-based, and have been shredding the backcountry there for years. With their understanding of the terrain, and what's out there, it's awesome to see their hard-work come together in this insane segment. We chatted with Leanne Pelosi for her insight into this segment, her favorite shots and what went into capturing it.

How many seasons have you been filming in the Whistler, and how did the conditions stack up these past two seasons while filming Full Moon?
We’ve been filming in Whistler for probably 8-10 years, depending on who you ask in our crew. Grannie [Annie B.] has the most years under her belt. Ha! Whistler has such amazing, safe terrain with a relatively stable coastal snowpack. However, we couldn’t control the weather and our first season of filming, we didn’t venture out one single day in the backcountry. In my 12 years of living in whistler, we’ve never seen such horrible conditions in the backcountry in our regular go-to zones. There were gaping crevices everywhere because of two consistently low snowpacks. After finally configuring the best crew in women’s backcountry snowboarding, we had to be relentless in the pursuit of finding good snow to make this movie happen. After careful consideration, I didn’t want to blow it for our community, so we convinced our partners to hold tight for another year. The second year wasn’t much better, but It forced us to look at the mountains differently. This why you see a lot more big mountain riding and less freestyle in the film. It was actually amazing to open a new door for our crew to see the possibilities of riding natural terrain.

There's so many bangers in this Whistler segment. If you had to pick, what would be your top favorite shots?
There’s actually two songs for Whistler and you’ll need to get the movie to see the first stormy section because it’s amazing, especially the naked Robin scene.

Favorite shots:
0:40- The groms (Juliette and Amelia Pelchat and Maggie Crompton) on the chair calling out that they want to be pro snowboarders when they grow up (heart melt)
2:03- Helen drone shot line, it’s so beautiful!
2:34- Marie and I do an under/over inspired by soul shredding and surfing. It took us a few times to get our timing right but that day was one of the deepest days of the year and we were so stoked on this shot together.
2:40- Robin's turn. It’s so simple but so elegant with the music. I love it every time.
3:07- It’s hard to do a good method off a downhill takeoff. Annie made that one look good.
4:03- Our first day out sledding and we couldn’t get anywhere because there wasn’t enough snow, so we built this fun backie jump and was also just learning to use the drone. Hana backied it in gorgeous pink light.
5:05- Jamie's tomahawk is one of the gnarliest I’ve ever seen.

Anything you regret not doing with this segment?
Convincing everyone to join Robin for the naked run. I’ll be laughing at that memory all the way to my grave for that. Thanks Robin.

The terrain looks endless out there. What kind of zones you were in and how did you primary access them?
The terrain is mostly just Whistler backcountry accessed by snowmobile. It is endless, we discovered new ones in the same zones we’ve been going to for years. You just have to get out your creative eye. Even just hiking and splitboarding around we found some sick pillow lines that were hiding that were just off the main routes. Takes a lot of years going out to really get a feel for where to be at the right time.

This song, My Silver Lining, by First Aid Kit is awesome. How did you choose it?
We all love this song. It goes with the sunny Whistler segment perfectly. And it’s all about resilience and keeping on keeping on and it felt like it aligned with our daily grind of keeping on regardless of the weather and conditions—to be relentless to salvage whatever we could with the conditions that were presenting themselves.

What are your favorite parts about riding in the Whistler backcountry?
It feels like home. There is no better feeling in the world having a good day in the mountains with your best friends pushing the limits and overcoming your fears

Anything else you want to say about this segment?
We wouldn’t be able to make those long days happen without an epic crew. Special thanks to TransWorld, Athan Merrick, Ben Webb, Clayton Larsen for the edit and our partners, Kickstarter supporters and all the photographers who come out with us, we are all VERY thankful.

Scoop a copy of Full Moon here, and stay tuned for more parts from the movie dropping on TWSNOW.

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